Want To Keep Your Cory Catfish Successfully?

The 7 Secrets To Keeping Your Catfish Healthy and Happy

Discover the Secrets to Happy, Healthy Cory Catfish: A Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Care and Maintenance

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Attention fish keepers!

Why I wrote this book

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Hi, my name is Thijs (pronounced as TASS ;))

Over the years, I’ve made more mistakes than I’d like to think about when keeping cory catfish.

Mistakes that I could easily have avoided, but I just didn’t know better…

You see, When I started keeping plecos and cories, I had:

  • No internet
  • No Fish Friends Who Could Help me out

It wasn’t until I started obsessing over these fish, buying books, and experimenting that I realized I had been doing a lot of things REALLY WRONG.

In this book, I’ve literally bundled all these things I learned to create the ONLY resource you’ll ever need…

Thanks for reading this page, and I hope you enjoy the book!


Launch deal ends in...

$24.95 $12.95 (50% OFF)

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 Secret #1 – The Key To Understanding How To Keep Cory Catfish In Your Tank – What Everyone Seems To Forget…

Secret #2 – Why We Should Stop Treating Corydoras This Way

Secret #3 – How To Understand Your Cory Catfish Better By Literally Looking At Them

Secret #4 – The Knowledge You Need About Aquarium Water Parameters

Secret #5 – The Most Misunderstood Aspect Of Feeding Your Cory Catfish Causing Malnutrition

Secret #6 – The Solutions To 5 Problems That Could Lead To The Death Of Your Cory Catfish

Secret #7 – What Everyone Gets Wrong About Keeping Aquarium Catfish In Community Tanks

Why You Need This

The Elaborate Guide To Proper Care And Maintenance​

This book is for the motivated aquarist who wants to become a better fish keeper

This book is for the motivated aquarist who wants to avoid mistakes I see people make ALL the time when keeping cory catfish and that are harmful to your cory catfish.

This book is for the motivated aquarist who is looking for a scientifically correct guide with many 100% unique images

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Bonus #1: Corydoras and Plecos in the Home Aquarium: An Naturalistic Approach

“How To Set Up A Tank in Which Aquarium Catfish Flourish ”

This book has everything to transform a regular tank into a tank in which Corydoras and plecos thrive. 

This highly detailed guide gives a unique perspective on setting up a naturalistic, beautiful aquarium that will make your catfish live longer;

This is included for free with Catfish Habitat Secrets

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I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this book. Otherwise, I will return your money.

That’s right. You can keep the book. Just email me and I’ll give you the refund. No questions asked. Sounds fair?


Author of "Catfish Secrets" and founder of KeepingCatfish.com

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