The key to success

The unknown 'secret' to keeping cory catfish
healthy and happy

When keeping cory catfish, one of the most important things is often overlooked.

Keeping your Corydoras via a naturalistic approach.

Although this might sound simple, this step is often overlooked or performed in a bad way…

After all, it isn’t as simple as throwing some plants, a few rocks, and some sand in a tank and mark it as ‘naturalistic’.

But when done correctly, this concept helps dramatically with the following things:

  • Hatching cory catfish eggs more successfully
  • Composing a healthier diet for your catfish
  • Preventing your catfish from dying early
  • Displaying more natural behavior (which also makes sexing easier), plus this reduces stress
  • Displaying breeding behavior
  • Raising fry that grows faster with less fallout

I always opt for a setup that lies as closely as possible to the natural habitat of the species that’s kept.
You do this by using the right plants, decorations, filtration, lighting, tank mates, and diet.

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