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Stop making these mistakes that could harm or kill your Corydoras

The internet is a wonderful place, but it can be frustrating and confusing to find quality information. 

Every site says something different about how to keep your cory and pleco catfish healthy and happy. 

In fact, many of the information available is simply wrong and can cause your fish to become ill and die.

This handbook provides you with answers, practical solutions and personal experiences I’ve had caring for aquarium catfish. (Trust me, I’ve made a lot of mistakes so you don’t have to).

Avoid common mistakes

Unfortunately, many pet stores or people give wrong information just to sell you fish. This is why it’s important to know what mistakes to avoid when keeping Corydoras. After all, they’re live animals. 

Improve the live of your aquarium catfish

Did you know cory catfish can live up to 20 years in captivity? Or that their barbels can get more than 1cm long? By looking at Corydoras in the wild, we will cover how to make Corydoras feel at home

For both beginner and more experienced keepers

This handbook is filled with extra resources, experience and images which makes it suited for both beginners and advanced keepers

30 day money back guarantee

We’re so confident in our ebook that if you didn’t find any of the information useful, we’ll give you the money back.

Here's a what's inside

💡 Extra resources

Over the years, I’ve come across a few exceptional resources when it comes to keeping Corydoras catfish. These sites are often not very well known, but provide a wealth of extra information such as breeding reports.

🌴 Corydoras in the wild

Discover the wild habitat of cory catfish, what they eat and learn about their unique way of living. This while we go over what this learns for us aquarists and how we can implement it. 

📑 Care guides

From setting up your tank to buying or catching food – we got you. Everything in our in-depth care guide. 

🐟 Species profiles

There are 22 different species profiles in the ebook. Species-specific information is crucial to keep your Corydoras successfully

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