About Keeping Catfish

Hey! I'm Thijs, the author on this blog.

Welcome to Keeping Catfish. I am Thijs, and I am the founder of Keeping Catfish. With Keeping Catfish, we want to create THE website dedicated to keeping Catfish in your aquarium, for both beginners and advanced fish keepers.

I have been keeping fish for practically all my life. It started with goldfish (like everyone), later I learned more about this hobby and a lot of types of fish have been in my fish room.

Quickly, my eye fell on different types of pleco catfish and Cory Catfish. This is why I created Keeping Catfish, and learning others what I learn along the way.

I also have a blog about Wild Betta Fish. If you want to learn more about this rather rare fish, make sure to visit Wild Betta Blog.


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